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Toyota Rav-4 2011-2012 Radio multimedia pantalla touch de 7 pulgadas / Sistema Bluetooth

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Radio DVD Toyota Rav-4 2014
*perfectly interactive communication protocol With the original car 

perfectly interactive communication protocol With the original carVarious functions can bedisplayed on the panel,Use process can be understood through the dashboard system functions working(such as DVD,radio,digital TV)Meanwhile,the relevant feature can be read directly (such as volume, track, radio frequency,and other information)also through the original car steering wheel buttons to control the volume size,change chanel or choose song.Humanized and convenient operation, eliminating the need for you to go for the conventional regulator and distracted you to enjoy journey

*Intelligent vehicle networking
●USB 3G Internet access, anytime, anywhere to understand news, stock information, web surfing

●Intelligent Android platform video entertainment sync with the phone

*perfect sound
Professional audio processing module, supports multiple audio, including: classical, pop, jazz, rock, country, field, etc.Optimized for your favorite music, greatly enhance your auditory feast.
Really can adjust the bass channel output, low frequency, gain, etc. can be set high bass center frequency can be flexible options.
perfect listening position.

*GPS satellite navigation system
Full screen smart touch, support handwriting input and the other input function
Full voice navigation guidence, support IGO, TOMTOM, GAMIN, ROUTE 66, NAVITEL... the whole map software
Virtual navigation, easy through the complex road
Accurate,driving error is less than 5 meters
sensitivity Signal receiving, fast connection, the car starts with the satellite communications
When traveling wrong way,there is automatic speech instruction, automatic route re-planning

with High-speed processor, running more smoothly

*DVD Multimedia AV
New digital high-definition LCD screen, DVD interface touch-screen operation
Support the original car keys and steering wheel buttons control
Playable DVD/VCD/MP3/WMA/MPEG4/RMVB other audio and video media player format
Support U disk player, ipod (optional) access, built-in FM / AM radio tuner

High temperature laser head, movement more stable and longer life

*Car bluetooth
Built-in Bluetooth hands-free phone function, support wireless headset Bluetooth phone (support external MIC)
Bluetooth privacy call function, phone book function
 *Visual reversing and video systems (optional)
Special Car Camera perfect upgrade the original car to reach visual effects
 when Reverse gear, the car automatically switches to the screen video, we can directly watch backside obstacl
Optional external TMC , HD camera, recording the whole process of driving
*Support a lot car digital TV format,eg, DVB-T/DVB-T2/ISDB/ATSC
Signal stability system, driving can also be stable to receive television signals, you can enjoy clear and smooth TV screen

*Head-set display LCDoptiona;
Match the original vehicle interior colors, high resolution display
Sound, image front and partition operation, front and rear passengers can enjoy different programs

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