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Toyota Highlander 2013 Sistema multimedia / Bluetooth / pantalla touch de 9 pulgadas / Radio tipo original reemplazo

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Nota: Montura no incluida
Envio gratis para la Republica Dominicana, Estados Unidos y Puerto Rico.

Más detalles

Entrega en 20 dias laborables despues de recibido el pago.


  • Entrega en Republica Dominicana 4 Semanas
  • Entrega en Estados Unidos de 3 a 6 dias.



OEM Navigation standard

Fleet Navigation
Drive Navigation 

Ublox, NO.1 GPS Modules inside, 5-10 seconds GPS signal searching, the navigation error is within 10 cm distance.

Sygic map, the world’s most installed offline navigation app, update free (Optional)
U.S. and Canada, Europe, Brazil, Argentina and Chile, Australia and NeW Zealand is available.
8GB TF/SD Card for navigation


OEM Bluetooth standard
Hands-free mobile phone operation
Phonebook from Smartphone
Bluetooth music with A2DP
Smartphone voice output
It’s capability to enable hands-free mobile phone operation. So you can keep your hands on the steering wheel where they belong and concentrate on the road ahead. With the built-in Bluetooth receiver, you can also conveniently stream your phonebook from your phone to your car entertainment system.

Compatible with Smartphone: 
Apple device: iPhone6 plus / iPhone6 / iPhone5S/ iPhone5/ iPhone4S
Android device: Samsung Galaxy S5 / Galaxy S4 / Galaxy S3, Note4 / Note 3 / Note 2, Sony Z3 / Z2 / Z1, HTC one max, one series
Windows device: Nokia Lumia series


OEM Radio standard
Professional Radio effect, as good as original Radio unit

Built- in NXP radio modules, the professional radio company founded by Philips

Enjoy your favorite RADIO programming with this radio tuner, you will get instant access to endless hours of news and entertainment, FM & AM tuner also provide many creative and diverse content to suit your listening preference.


DVD player

Built-in HITACHI DVD loader, best performance

5 years warranty
1 second loading DVD disc
Supports DVD-R, Video CD, SVCD, picture CD, CD-R


Multimedia by USB
USB port, support max 32GB USB driver
Expand your media choices by plugging your USB sticks into the USB port.


IPod music
After plug iPod, it will charge all the time, no matter you play it on or not.
Enable resume play function for iPod, don’t have to select music again after changing function mode.
With an iPod AUX-IN cable, you can listen and playback music from the stereo, control your music from iPod and playback on stereo.
Compatible with Apple device: iPod, iPhone, iPad


General functions
TPMS, tire pressure monitoring function (Optional)
Real time monitor your tire pressure and temperature.

Car packing camera (Optional)
You can observe the backing condition when you are backing the car by connecting the car to backing camera.

Car Backing Radar (Optional)
Connect with the car backing radar; the distance detected by sensor is displayed on the LCD. 

Tone Modes: Features Treble, Mid and Bass adjustments. 

AV Function: It supports AV input from the external equipment. 

EQ Modes: Standard, Pop, Rock, Classic, and Jazz. 

Music while Navigation: When there is no voice navigation indication, you can enjoy the music and watch video normally.

 Steering wheel control: Realize original steering wheel control

Auto Memory: All the adjusted parameters can be memorized and restored automatically. 


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